These Adobe Photoshop documents are the correct size and resolution with pre-positioned guides.

Design Specs:

Spread size: double the width of album size (10x10 = 10" H x 20" W)

Resolution: 200dpi

Color Space: sRGB

Recommended Sharpening: Unsharp mask settings: "Amount: 150% - Radius: .8 - Threshold 4"

Save as a jpg file with a quality setting of 10-12. Do not submit TIFF or PSD files.

Right-click (Control-Click on Macintosh) thumbnail and save PSD to your hard drive.

5x5template 5x7template 8x8template 8x10template

8x12template 10x10template 11x14template 12x12template
13x13template 12x17template 15x15template

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